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Chicken coops are the best way to keep your chickens safe and provide needed shelter. At Cedar & Stone, we can help you create a chicken coop that fits your needs, outdoor space, and price. If you aren't sure what you need or would like to discuss our chicken coop options, give us a call or send us a message with details about your project.

If you are looking for another type of custom wood piece, whether that is furniture, a can enclosure, garden boxes, or something else, please feel free to take a look below for samples of our previous custom wood projects.

Our Previous Work:

The Poultry Palace

Coop Deschutes In little Deschutes, or

Recently, we were approached about building an enclosed chicken coop south of Sunriver. The chickens were being taken by hawks and needed protection. What started out as a simple chicken coop blossomed into the beautiful project you see here. 


Aside from new posts, concrete, and welded wire fencing, almost all materials used in this chicken coop were repurposed from other projects. The barn wood used on the gates and facade of the chicken coop is an 80-year-old ponderosa pine floor from Bend, OR. The two-by-sixes and framing are all former decks that were saved from the landfill.

Poultry Palace Custom Chicken Coop
Coop Inside.jpg

The Chicken Coop

The chicken coop itself measures 16 by 20 feet. The top of the highest peak is over 12 feet tall. To avoid building a fenced-in cube with a hen house inside, we designed the coop to look like an old barn.  Almost half of the chicken coop has a repurposed sheet metal roof while the rest is finished with welded wire. The chicken coop is fully enclosed between the sheet metal roof and the welded-wire hand-stapled to the ceiling and walls. 


There are also side shelves, a hanger for the feeder, and even some shelving for extra outdoor storage overhead. Two, large, four-by-six doors with heavy-duty latches and hardware make getting things in and out easy. Because winter can get quite snowy on the Little Deschutes, we added an eight-inch kick-plate underneath each door so that they still swing open even in the winter snow. This coop also has a small window frame by the door to round things out. 

The hen house

This is where this project really got fun. The hen house features a stadium-style roost and drawer handles sourced from lodgepole pines on-site. To make things easy and help keep the chicks on a more regular schedule, we added a solar-powered, automatic chicken door that operates each morning at first light and again each night at dusk. A small solar panel on the roof powers a small battery and automatic door on the hen house. A sensor on the roof of the chicken coop triggers the door to open or close at dusk and dawn each day.


To facilitate easier cleaning we lined the bottom of the hen house, nesting boxes, and the bottoms of the pull-out drawers with vinyl-linoleum. When it's time to clean out the hen house drawers, the bottom of the hen house, or the nesting boxes,  simply remove and empty the drawers and then spray out the bottom of the hen house with the garden hose.

There is an access door on the side and three nesting boxes for chickens to choose from. Venting at the top of the house on each side keeps air moving and fresh for the hens inside. To cap things off, we created a nice barn wood chicken ladder.

The exterior of the hen house is a combination of reclaimed scraps of wood collected from previous fence and deck jobs here in Bend. The roof is made from the same, reclaimed sheet metal used on the roof of the chicken coop.

Hen House Made from Reclaimed Wood
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Custom Wood Projects

At Cedar & Stone artisan construction is our passion. In addition to our fences, decks, stone masonry work, and pergolas, we also build other special projects outside the breadth of our normal work.


If you are looking to increase your outdoor garden spaces we can help shape your space with raised, cedar garden beds, garden enclosures to keep the critters out, compost bins, garden tables, outdoor furniture, or a cedar trellis for climbing plants. 


We also build a variety of tables and shelves from reclaimed material: side tables, plant tables, or dining room tables. In addition, we offer beautiful bookshelves and plant stands.


Have a project in mind? Whatever it is you are considering, contact us with your project idea and we'll get back to you with information on how to turn your idea into a reality.

Need inspiration? Take a look at some of our past projects below.


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