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Stone MasonrY

In Bend

Hand Selected Materials

All of our stone is hand selected to insure highest quality, premium durability, and lasting style. 

Custom Design

Each stone masonry project we work on is designed to meet your exact needs and unique style.

Experienced stone mason

Skilled stone mason with 18+ years of experience in the field. Trained in traditional English dry-lay stone masonry.

Your LocaL Stone mason IN BEND

At Cedar & Stone we practice the tradition of dry-lay stone masonry. Dry-lay masonry incorporates a concrete and mortar-free joint that allows water to infiltrate the subsurface of the patio making it stronger over time by continually consolidating the foundation material.  

Dry-lay stone masonry is a tradition that began in England several hundred years ago. At Cedar & Stone we honor this tradition and incorporate the practice into every piece that we create.


Over a period of two years, our head mason & company founder, Tim Davis, studied under Master-mason Chris Milton. In the 18 years since, Tim has honed his craft into a fine art, installing beautiful works of art at homes in Michigan, Utah, Colorado, and now in Central Oregon.


In keeping with the artisan tradition of dry-lay masonry all stone pieces are hand-chiseled and custom fit together to ensure a visually stunning piece with beautiful lines, tight joints, and rich textures. All stone materials are hand-selected to ensure the highest quality product available.


If you are looking for a stone mason in Bend, contact us to let us know how we can help create your one-of-a-kind patio or walkway! 

Looking for stone restoration or repair? We can help with that too!

Our Process

Working with a stone masonry contractor to create your ideal outdoor setting should be easy and stress-free. With Cedar & Stone you'll never have to worry about what's next. Our aim is to make your masonry project simple from start to finish. As with all of our projects, complete customer satisfaction is our goal!

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Contact Us

Let us know what we can help you with.

Step 2

Design Consultation & Free Estimate

We'll set a time to discuss that works best for you.

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Schedule your project & we'll get to work enhancing your space.

Step 4


Once your project is complete, enjoy your beautiful new space.


Why Use dry- lay stone masonry?

Dry-lay masonry is an old English tradition of installing flagstone without mortar between the joints of the stones. Joints are composed of ¼” quarry rock and fines. These materials are washed into the joints and the subgrade of the patio. Through soil particle consolidation the joints and the subgrade are made stronger and tighter each time the patio gets wet by particles being packed closer and closer together. Dry-lay masonry also has an advantage over mortared joints in that mortared joints can crack and fail over time, whereas dry-lay joints only become stronger over time. 


As part of our service we also offer the option of polymeric sand jointing. After a year of set time, should you choose, Cedar & Stone LLC will return and add polymeric sand to the patio joints. Polymeric sand gives joints the appearance of being mortared while still allowing water to penetrate the subgrade, making the patio stronger as time goes on.

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stone pATIOS

Have an idea for your ideal outdoor space? We’d love to hear about it! We can help make your dream environment a reality. Be sure to take a look at our previous masonry projects or send us a picture of a flagstone patio you would like us to create. Customization is our specialty! We are happy to discuss with you all of the available options if you are unsure about what you are looking for.


Enhance the look of your unique walkway with beautiful flagstone, hand selected and hand chiseled to create a distinct look and natural feel. Give us a call today to get started with your project.

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Stone Masonry MATERIALS

The type of stone material that we use in our stone masonry projects is dependent on the unique look you would like to create for your outdoor space.


We use sedimentary rock, such as flagstone, in all of our projects.


Sedimentary rocks are those that have formed in layers of sediments deposited over time. The composition of these stones allows us to fit the stones together with more natural-looking joints and lines by hand-chiseling and sculpting the edges.


We do not recommend other common types of stone such as Slate and Quartzite for patios and walkways. Though beautiful and eye-catching, these metamorphic rocks are brittle and can crack and shatter upon installation and are not nearly as durable as sedimentary rock.


Flagstone is our top recommendation for outdoor spaces as it is a fairly maintenance-free & durable material that will outlast the life of your home. Flagstone also has a beautiful, natural appeal that will elevate the look of any outdoor area.



If your stone patio or walk has seen better days, we can help bring your space back to life with stone restoration and repair. Depending on your individual situation, we can recommend a plan to restore your patio or walkway. Whether you need stone reset, jointing repairs, or patio seal, we can help get your patio back in tip-top shape. Give us a call or send us a message today for an estimate of your stone restoration project.


We look forward to helping you with your unique stone masonry project here in Central Oregon! 


As a local stone masonry contractor in Bend, Oregon, we are proud to provide masonry services to our Central Oregon community.